Saturday, May 17, 2008

Role Playing Games.......

Was listening to xenosaga OST when I remembered I played and completed xenosaga epi 1 and cant wait for epi 2 to release and then completed epi 2 and cant wait for epi 3...

In between was like 3~4 years of waiting... from my poly days epi 1... to NS epi 2 then epi 3 after ord!

Sadly i only completed epi3 once and I had to go oversea and study. I rushed thru the game and managed to complete it few days before I flew... I remember I was playing ffxii jp version during that time, stopped when about to complete just to play epi3!

My 1st rpg on ps2 was ffx... my last was xenosaga epi 3

Oh I also remember when I bought my FFX and went to class during poly, everyone was... "waaa FFXI!!! PS2 graphic nice?"

Till now, here a list of role playing games that I still love
Arc the lad 1 & 2 this is the original masterpiece... (played 3 and ps2 version kind of disappointed) PSN got dl version but need $$$$
FF12 (yet to complete... got the international version)
xenogears (was planned to be xenosaga's epi 5)
xenosage 1,2,3 (so sad they make it to trilogy than original 6 epi)
Super robot war series

I did play games like Suidoken .hack, Starocean, etc. but they dont really got storylines that left impression on me

Come to think of it... we do really have the patient to wait for something to release dont we?

I suddenly felt that time passed so fast...

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